What Is SR22 Insurance/Financial Responsibility Insurance

Indiana motorists are required to provide proof of insurance when they are involved in any of these situations. The proof must be electronically submitted to the BMV by the motorist’s insurance provider.

  • An auto accident.
  • A traffic ticket within one year of receiving two other traffic tickets.
  • A serious traffic violation such as a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Any traffic violation by a driver who was previously suspended for failing to provide proof of financial responsibility.

When a motorist’s driving privileges are suspended after being convicted of certain major offenses, such as operating while intoxicated or leaving the scene of an accident, the driver must have his or her insurance provider electronically submit an SR-22 Proof Of Insurance form to the BMV before his or her driving privileges can be reinstated. The BMV will notify the motorist when an SR-22 form must be filed.

A valid SR-22 form must be maintained for a period of three years with the BMV following the end of the suspension for the major offense. If the BMV receives an insurance cancellation notice or does not have a current SR-22 on file at any time during the three-year period after reinstatement, the motorist’s driving privileges will again be suspended.

About SR22 Indiana and the SR22 Insurance Network was created in 2005. That domain is no longer in use. Originally, it was created to help all residents of Indiana obtain Sr22 filings accurately and fast. Many small towns in Indiana have difficultly finding an insurance agent that can handle the SR22 filings for clients. SR22 Indiana was specifically designed to facilitate the process of filing the SR22 certificates for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Financial Responsibility Section.

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Some Indiana History

The name Indiana dates back to the 1760’s, meaning “Land of the Indians” or “Indian Land” as Native Americans inhabited the land for thousands of years. Congress used the name Indiana when the Indiana Territory was separated from the Northwest Territory in 1800. Indiana was later admitted to statehood in 1816.

Today, Indiana is considered the 16th most populated state in America, with Indianapolis being its capital and largest city, which is well known for the Indianapolis 500 annual motorsport race.

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