What Is SR22 Insurance/Financial Responsibility Insurance

In Iowa the Financial Responsibility Section of the Secretary of State in Des Moines regulates and monitors the SR22 filing certificates.

When you receive your suspension or revocation notice, file future proof in one of these methods:

  • Have your Iowa-authorized insurance company file Form SR-22 (Certificate of Automobile Liability Insurance) with the Iowa DOT’s Office of Driver Services.
  • File a surety bond, cash or securities equal to $55,000.
  • Proof can be given for you by your employer’s insurance company if you operate a vehicle owned by your employer, or by the insurance company for the owner of the vehicle you drive, if you are part of the owner’s immediate family.  The insurance company must file Form SR-22 for the person required to show proof.
  • If you drive for an employer who owns a fleet of motor vehicles, your employer’s insurance carrier can certify proof by completing Form SR-23 (AAMVA Uniform Financial Responsibility Form).  This covers you while driving your employer’s vehicles only.
  • Proof can be given for you to operate a vehicle owned by a person who is issued a certificate of self-insurance by the Iowa DOT’s Office of Driver Services. The self-insured must give the Office of Driver Services a letter authorizing you to drive the certificate holder’s vehicle.
  • To operate a vehicle owned by someone who has truck operator, motor carrier, liquid transport carrier, or interstate commerce carrier authority issued by the Iowa DOT’s Office of Motor Carrier Services, the permit owner must send an authorization to the Office of Driver Services granting you permission to drive the vehicle(s) covered by the permit.

About SR22 Iowa and the SR22 Insurance Network was created in 2005. We no longer use that domain. It was created to help all residents of Iowa obtain Sr22 filings in an accurate and timely fashion. Many small towns in Iowa have difficultly finding an insurance agent that can handle the SR22 filings for clients. SR22 Iowa was specifically designed to facilitate the process of filing the SR22 certificates for the Iowa Department of Transportation Financial Responsibility Section.

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Some Iowa History

The name Iowa comes from the Ioway people, one of the many Native American tribes who occupied the region. Before the Louisiana Purchase, Iowa was a part of the French colony, New France. Iowa was later admitted to statehood in 1846.

Today, Iowa is considered the 30th most populated state in America, with Des Moines as its capital and largest city. Located in the American Heartland, Iowa has been called The Food Capital of the World, and the state has been known as one of the safest places to live in America.

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