What Is SR22 Insurance/Financial Responsibility Insurance

It is a form from your insurance company that shows your motor vehicle has liability insurance. You must contact an insurance company to obtain the liability insurance and the SR-22 form. If you were suspended for a Motor Vehicle Accident Judgment (Missouri or Out-of-State), you must maintain insurance on file with the Driver License Bureau for two years from the starting date of the suspension. If you were suspended for False Insurance or Mandatory Insurance, you must maintain insurance on file with the Driver License Bureau for three years from the date you were eligible to reinstate. If the Mandatory Insurance suspension involved an accident, proof of insurance must be in the form of an SR-22 filing.

About SR22 Missouri and the SR22 Insurance Network

In 2005 we created SR22Missouri.com. The domain is out of use now. It was created to help all residents of Missouri obtain Sr22 filings quickly and correctly. Many small towns in Missouri have difficultly finding an insurance agent that can handle the SR22 filings for clients. SR22 Missouri was specifically designed to facilitate the process of filing the SR22 certificates for the Missouri Department of Transportation Financial Responsibility Section.

Watch the SR-22 Explained in 93 seconds video on our homepage to aid you in understanding the basic theory of the SR-22 process.

Some Missouri History

The name Missouri comes from the indigenous Missouri Indians, who were called ouemessourita or wimihsoorita by the Miami-Illinois Indians, meaning “those who have dugout canoes.” Since the Miami-Illinois were the first natives in the region to be encountered by settlers, that name for the Missouri people was adopted. The land that is now Missouri was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase, which then became known as the Missouri Territory until statehood was achieved in 1821. Today, Missouri, known as The Show Me State, is considered the 18th most populated state in America.

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