What Is SR22 Insurance/Financial Responsibility Insurance

An SR-22/Bond is a minimum limit liability insurance policy that covers only the individual named on the policy. It is sometimes referred to as “high risk insurance,” and can cost significantly more than conventional insurance. It will pay, up to the limits of liability, for damages and personal injury to the other party in the event of an accident. It does not act as comprehensive insurance and will not pay for damages/fire/theft for one’s own vehicle.

To file an SR-22/Bond with the Bureau, an individual must contact an insurance agent or company, apply for the SR-22/Bond policy and make the appropriate payment. The insurance company will then file the SR-22/Bond on behalf of the individual.

Individuals who live in a different state or who move to a different state must still file the SR-22/Bond if their Ohio suspension requires an SR-22/Bond filing. The SR-22/Bond must be an Ohio SR-22/Bond, from an insurance company licensed to do business in Ohio. The insurance company is required by law to notify Ohio if the policy cancels. Most of the larger insurance companies are licensed in Ohio and other states and can assist with the proper filing.

Many insurance companies send the Bureau SR-22/Bond filings electronically. These filings are usually processed the same day that they are received.

Paper copies of SR-22/Bonds are generally processed within 72 hours of receipt. Although this time can be extended for various reasons, it is seldom greater than five business days.

Sometimes SR-22/Bonds are rejected and returned to the insurance company because information is incomplete or incorrect.

About SR22 Ohio and the SR22 Insurance Network

In 2005 we created SR-22Ohio.com. The domain is out of use now. It was created to help all residents of Ohio obtain Sr22 filings quickly and accurately. Many small towns in Ohio have difficultly finding an insurance agent that can handle the SR22 filings for clients. SR22 Ohio was specifically designed to facilitate the process of filing the SR22 certificates for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Financial Responsibility Section.

Watch the SR-22 Explained in 93 seconds video on our homepage to aid you in understanding the basic theory of the SR-22 process.

Some Ohio History

The name Ohio originated from the Native American Iroquois word, ohi-yo’, meaning great river or large creek. Ohio is known as the Buckeye State, which is thought to be derived from the Ohio Buckeye Tree. Ohio achieved statehood in 1803, and today, Ohio is considered the 7th most populated state in America, with Columbus being its capital and largest city.

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