What Is SR22 Insurance/Financial Responsibility Insurance

A SR22 Insurance filing for Wisconsin authorizes the State to monitor and suspend auto insurance for drivers who may have had some problems. The SR22 policies must cover at least $25,000 and $50,000 for personal injury or death and $10,000 for property damage. Alternatives to SR22 Insurance in Wisconsin include an insurance company bond or cash deposit of $60,000 to the State.

SR22 Filings in Wisconsin are obtained by filing an SR22 certificate with the State. The SR22 certificate must be issued by an insurance carrier licensed to write insurance for Wisconsin. Most SR22 Filings are mailed directly to Wisconsin by your insurance company, while some SR22 Filings are given to the customer, and some are electronically sent to the State for quicker processing.

SR22 Wisconsin Insurance is necessary:

  • To obtain an occupational license or reinstate a driver license after operating privileges or vehicle registration has been revoked.
  • For reinstatement after suspensions for damage judgments or for violating uninsured motorists law.
  • For drivers under the age of 18 in lieu of having a sponsor.

SR22 Filings in Wisconsin are required for a three year period for damage judgments. Three year SR22 filings are not necessary to reinstate your license if revocation was due to:

  • Non-compliance with an assessment interview.
  • Non-compliance with a driver safety plan.
  • First Offense Conviction for operating while intoxicated.

If you need or have SR22 and are moving between states, let us answer any questions you may have about Out of State SR22 Filings for Wisconsin.

About SR22 Wisconsin and the SR22 Insurance Network

SR22Wisconsin.net was created in 2005. The domain is out of use now. It was designed to help all residents of Wisconsin obtain Sr22 filings quickly and correctly. Many small towns in Wisconsin can have difficultly finding an insurance agent that can handle the SR22 filings for clients. SR22 Wisconsin was specifically designed to facilitate the process of filing the SR22 certificates for the Wisconsin Bureau of Motor Vehicles Financial Responsibility Section.

Watch the SR-22 Explained in 93 seconds video on our homepage to aid you in understanding the basic theory of the SR-22 process.

Some Wisconsin History

The name Wisconsin originated from Native American Algonquian-speaking groups living in the region with the arrival of French explorers in the 1670’s calling the Wisconsin River “Meskousing”, and later “Ouisconsin”, meaning red stone place or where the waters gather, possibly referring to what is now the Wisconsin Dells. The name was used for the river and the surrounding lands until the current spelling of Wisconsin was made official in 1845, then in 1848, Wisconsin achieved statehood.

Today, Wisconsin is considered the 20th most populated state in America, with Madison being its capital city and Milwaukee being its largest. Wisconsin is also known as America’s Dairyland.

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